People anywhere, doing almost anything can be part of challenge.  

Take your ability to the next level  and Challenge Yourself with an activity that you choose, on a date that fits your busy schedule!   We help everyone of all abilities find the compelling athlete within, and the goal of Challenge Yourself is for you to come up with something that is challenging to you and will inspire friends and others to donate to AccesSport.   This is your challenge,  relative to who you are and the challenges you may face whether from age or inexperience, living with a disability or simply wanting to better yourself.   Try something new, revisit an old favorite, combine a few activities, the choice is yours. 

You choose your sport or activity and set your own fundraising goal (a $250 minimum).   You could even start a team challenge with friends, family, or co-workers.   Whether you want to raise a little or raise a lot, people anywhere, doing almost anything, can be part of the Challenge Yourself program.  You’ll have all the tools to create your own Challenge fundraiser page and can complete the challenge where and when it works for you!   

Getting started is easy. Sign up today to Challenge Yourself: Registration.  Questions? email us with your idea or for suggestions, and one of our staff will contact you. 

In honor of our anniversary, we hope to have at least 25 people raise $2,500 each by the end of 2020, and dozens more participating at all levels.   Whether your fundraising goal is $250, $500, $1,000 or more, know that your support is important to us and is how we reach more than 2,000 people each year.

Whatever your skill is (or is not!), let us help you develop something that will honor you and AccesSport!

Tag us and use  #ChallengeYourself  #goACCESS whether kicking off your challenge, sharing your progress, or when you complete your challenge.  

Download your Challenge Yourself sign here.

Gallery of Challenges

Connor Shea windsurfed upwind from Martha's Vineyard to Cuttyhunk Island and then back.Mike Cook completed a 23-mile ride (with over 1,500 ft of vertical climb) in 1 hour, 37 minutes followed by a 4.5-mile S.U.P. in 1 hour, 28 minutes
Mark Scheier played racquetball for 5 hours against 4 opponents. 462 points were played and he raised over $750!Ross Lilley dribbled a soccer ball 13.4 miles through the parks and streets of Kihei in Maui in two and half hours.
Susan Halby donated $50 for every workout she missed as she attempted to get into shape over the summer.Pam Rogers, Jeannie Neble and Meredith Goldthwait walked the perimeter of Martha's Vineyard in 3 days, 60 miles, 28 hours and raised over $3,500.